“Diversity and Inclusion” and “eMPathy” should be more than just words printed on shirts worn in the Mineral Point Unified District. We sincerely hope these are values we instill in our students and staff as we work tirelessly towards our mission statement that includes “educating and inspiring our students for a bright future in a big world.” This means ALL students.

Recent events in our nation have reminded us that, while words have meaning, they are also inadequate if they do not translate into action. The Mineral Point Unified School District continually evaluates our own programs and practices in order to ensure we are providing an environment that is inclusive to every student that enters our doors.  We remain fully committed to ensuring all our students and families are loved and supported. We know there is always work to be done. While we know we are not perfect, we aim for continuous improvement in all areas and are willing to have tough conversations to get us there.  The district wants to make sure our words do translate into action here at home.

While our hearts are heavy with concern, we want to ignite a spirit of hope for us as a community.  We will continue to listen to each other, support one another, and grow together. We are the Mineral Point UNIFIED School District. We are #PointerNation.

Nate Chambers, Board President

Mitch Wainwright, Superintendent