By Mitch Wainwright

Even during the most trying times, we keep moving forward.  We look at what we can control, and how to continue to do the best we can given the circumstances.  No one could have ever imagined that we would have ended our school year the way we did.  We closed the school district in the middle of March, used alternative educational systems to teach during April and May, and said goodbye to our students through face masks.  Although we celebrated many wonderful accomplishments virtually, there were no in-person hugs, handshakes, or pats on the back for anyone.

While it may seem like a small thing to the average person, to an educator it leaves a void in them.  We have the great fortune of working closely with children, watching them grow and learn.  There is a sense of celebration that happens when you get to see a student master a new topic, accomplish a goal they have set for themselves, or simply have grown an inch or two during the year.  There is a sense of community within a school building and when the school year comes to an end there is the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments with others.  I know our staff will continue to move forward, but please know that they feel cheated by not being able to celebrate in-person with your children all of the great things they have done during this school year.

We also have several staff members that will be moving on.  Paige Grimm, Judy Benish, Mike Chambers, and Steve Gorder are all retiring.  Their level of service to the children and community will be missed.  The impact all of them have had on children over the course of their time in Mineral Point will be felt for many, many years.  We mark milestones in education with children and adults, and this is just another example.  Although we did not have a chance to say thank you and goodbye to all of them due to the way the school year ended, I know they will be missed.