Gina Reichling

Elementary Instructional Assistant

Hometown: Gina was born and raised on a small farm outside of Gratiot, WI.

High school graduated from: Black Hawk High School in South Wayne, WI.

College: Gina received her Bachelors from Edgewood College with a major in Early Childhood Special Education and minor in Elementary Education Pre K-3rd Grade. She earned her Masters of Education from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in Professional Development with a focus on Differentiated Instruction.

Previous employment: Her first teaching job was in the Sturgeon Bay School District as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher, followed by the same position in the Dodgeville School District for three years. Then, for the next 17 years, she worked as a Kindergarten Teacher in the Darlington School District, as well as one year as an early Childhood Special Education/4K Teacher. She has also been a substitute teacher in Mineral Point.

Family: Gina is married to her husband, Joe. They live and farm near Mineral Point.   She has two step daughters, Missy and Lexie, and five step grandchildren.

Hobbies/Free time interests:  Gina’s summertime flowers bring her much joy; she also enjoys kayaking with friends, ranger riding, and attending Badger games with her husband, and daily chat time with her sisters.

What attracted you to apply at MP Schools?: Following a one year break from teaching and after much thought, my passion for education and my love of learning continues to be a significant part of who I am.  I am excited to return to the education field. Mineral Point is my home community. I felt very welcomed by all staff during my time substitute teaching at Mineral Point Schools.

Quotable: “Given that my master’s degree focus was on differentiated instruction and with my previous years of teaching, I have been given the opportunity to work with diverse learners including students with special needs.  My goal as a Special Education Teaching Assistant is to facilitate every student in reaching his or her full learning potential both academically and socially. I am caring, creative, and flexible. My ability to communicate clearly with staff and students and quickly develop a respectful rapport is a strength of mine.”