Alexandra Driftmier

Elementary School Counselor

Hometown: Mount Horeb, WI

College: Alexandra earned her Bachelors from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Psychology and her Masters in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in Counseling Psychology.

Previous employment: Since 2015, Alexandra has been the Pre K-6th Grade School Counselor for the Parkview School District in Orfordville. Her student-teaching was completed in the Benton School District.

Hobbies/Free time interests:  I enjoy acrylic painting and I love charcoal drawing. I enjoy teaching and playing with my 2 and 3 year old daughters. More recently, I have enjoyed going to the Mount Horeb Library because I love books and reading to my daughters is incredibly satisfying.

Quotable: “My strong desire to help all students with their academic, personal, and social needs makes me a strong school counselor. My greatest skills are listening to others, reflecting on personal beliefs, and being flexible. My biggest values are multicultural counseling, and counseling with unconditional positive regard, for my belief is that these values create the best outcomes for students. My skills include creating behavior interventions, delivering classroom lessons, behavior management, analyzing data, managing and dealing with stressful situations, communicating with families, and meeting individual needs through relationship building.”

“I became a counselor because I needed a counselor growing up and I struggled with some personal experiences (hearing loss, family difficulties). My deep drive to do what I do stems from this — I can be that safe person for all students and let students know that resiliency is essential when facing challenges and difficulties in life. I have the ability to help students feel better and cope better. Most importantly, I want to help create trauma sensitive schools so that we can reach and understand all students, so they feel accepted and safe.”

“School Counseling Mission Statement: All students at Mineral Point Unified School District will have access to a comprehensive school counseling program, ensuring students will be college ready, and well prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The school counseling program provides quality opportunities for personalized learning and growth, and facilitates strategic partnerships between family, school, and the community. Our vision is that all students graduate as successful, lifelong learners and productive members of society, achieving their fullest potential, and making a positive difference in their community.”