by Mitch Wainwright

As we turn the calendar over to a new year, many people feel a sense of accomplishment and pride for what they have done.  As a school district, we look at this as the halfway point in our school year and think about what we need to still do. Seniors begin to look towards the month of May with anxious thoughts of graduation and the next step in their journey through life.  Other students find themselves closer to earning a driver’s license, moving to the middle school building, or coming into the high school. Parents may be asking, “Where has the time gone?” as your children walk out of the house one day entering kindergarten and come home filling out college applications the next.

The new year is a time when people look back at their accomplishments and forward to the next challenges in front of them.  Often there is a new year’s resolution developed to set an individual goal. We want to be better in some capacity whether it is losing weight, quitting a bad habit, or doing something for someone else by lending a helping hand.  Almost every one of us takes time to think about what we have done and how we can be better in the future.

As I look forward, my goal, or resolution, is to be the best person I can and continue to lead the district to the best of my ability.  I want to be responsible to the taxpayer and use the resources you provide wisely. Also, I want to continue to support the education of our children and provide them with all the tools they need to be successful when they leave the Mineral Point School District.

When I reflect on the last year, I feel a great sense of pride in how our students perform in and out of the classroom.  I am also proud of the staff that work day in and day out providing opportunities for children to learn and grow. This school district is truly blessed by some of the most talented staff ever assembled.  The teachers and aides provide education in a caring environment that allow all children to learn. The buildings are well maintained with a great sense of pride. Visitors are often surprised by the age of our school buildings because of the care they receive.

We can all feel lucky that we have chosen Mineral Point as our place to live.  The community cares deeply for and supports the school district. The school district provides an outstanding education for our children.  And as we look back at wonderful accomplishments, we can look forward to many more as we work together for the good of all.