by Superintendent Luke Francois

Wow, what a month!  

Recently the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) released the state report card.  DPI reported Mineral Point is a five-star rated school district that significantly exceeds expectations.  Moreover, Mineral Point Schools received the second highest rating amongst all Pre-K through grade 12 school districts. Sevastopol and Kohler ranked first and third respectively.

I am so proud of our school district and I am not alone.  In a recent survey of all school district staff, each was asked to rank the statement “I am proud of our district.” The average response was a 4.62 out of 5 reflecting staff solidly in agreement.  I am especially proud of our teachers, instructional assistants and support staff, administrative assistants, food and transportation services, and other professional staff.  Daily, each gives the effort necessary to ensure every student grows academically and socially, is cared for, and most of all, loved.

Academic growth of our student body is evident, especially for students with disabilities.  The district had all but closed the educational gap between students with disabilities and students living in poverty when compared to peers in the same grade level without disability or poverty.  The remarkable gains can be traced back to shifts in the delivery model for special education and teachers working within a professional learning community.  Time is now embedded in the school day on Wednesdays to collaborate, focus on student learning, and focus on results. The recent survey also reported that 99% of all staff said affirmatively, “I feel safe,” when recalling their interactions with faculty, and again the same when surveyed with students.

DPI recognizes Mineral Point as an A+ school yet only 69% of staff reported in the survey that they would give Mineral Point schools a letter grade of A.  29% would award a letter grade of B and 3% a C.  The letter grades reflect staff’s understanding that there is further opportunity for growth.

Therefore, the community of Mineral Point should take pride in our schools’ recent academic performance, as well as staff’s willingness for continuous improvement.  If you are proud like me, feel compelled to show your appreciation by dropping a note off for a staff member thanking them for making Mineral Point Schools what they are today – one of the best school districts in the state.