On Monday, the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance held a luncheon in Wisconsin Dells and awarded a teacher, community member, school board member, administrator, and support staff person from around the state the Rural School’s Person of the Year Award.  I was humbled to learn that I was selected as the Rural School District Administrator of the Year.  When receiving the award, I was joined by friends including school board members, administrators, and office staff, as well as my family including spouse, parents, and in-laws.  The award was a remarkable occasion made more so by those in attendance.

The award has special meaning for the community of Mineral Point as well.  In attendance were more than 150 rural school administrators witnessing a light shed on the happenings in our school community.  Examples included:

  • Mineral Point community passing a referendum in 2012 giving the school district the financial stability to do great work.  
  • Staff shifts in school-building culture and change in practices to open doors and make adjustments necessary that resulted in tremendous academic growth.  
  • School board’s support of innovation that embraced technology and infused vital staff to include intervention specialists, instructional coaches, and a communications director that shares Mineral Point’s story and successes.  
  • Business partnerships that spawned Project Lead the Way, replaced playground equipment, deliver curriculum in collaboration with teachers, and enhances facilities.  
  • Parents serve on committees, lead programs connecting families and schools, and assist with the development of a district strategic plan.

Similar to a conductor not making music without an orchestra, or a coxswain not advancing a boat forward without rowers, a superintendent does not improve a district without students, families, support, teaching staff, administrators, school board members, businesses, and alumni pulling together.  The singleness of purpose (excellent schools for the students of Mineral Point) is what binds us together.  

I will continue to work hard to represent the Mineral Point community to the best of my ability.  We all do, and that is what makes #PointerNation a special place to be.  Thank you for your support and well wishes on my recognition.  

As the cheer goes, “I am a Pointer; couldn’t be prouder!”