Elementary Principal Matt Renwick’s latest book was released this past week.

This is his second book published through ASCD.

Renwick’s “Digital Portfolios in the Classroom” is a guide to help teachers sort through, capture, and make sense of the messiness associated with assessment. By shining a spotlight on three types of student portfolios–performance, process, and progress–and how they can be used to assess student work, Renwick helps educators navigate the maze of digital tools and implement the results to drive instruction.

“With the spreading use of computers and mobile technology in schools, going digital with student portfolios has become more popular. Simply put, digital portfolios are online collections of student work,” said Renwick. “They allow us to archive, curate, and analyze samples of student learning, from both the past and the present, and keep that data–literally–at the tip of our fingers.”

The link for educators to purchase Renwick’s book is: here.