by Superintendent Luke Francois, Ed.D.

Game On!

These were the words shared with teaching staff by our facilitator during a two-day training last week on interventions.  The training received high marks for content, relatable stories, humor, and inspiration.  Mineral Point teachers were well trained and are ready for students to return to buildings.

Being ready for students to return is a total team effort.  I praise clerical staff for attending to summer school, business affairs, and registration of new and existing families.  I praise the custodial staff for pulling apart libraries and classrooms, for deep cleaning and then putting them back together again.  I appreciate teachers and assistants that supported summer school and principals that guided their efforts.  Finally, I praise the food service staff and bus drivers in their preparation for students’ re-entry into the lunch rooms and on school buses.  

A process of continuous improvement has no finish line. Therefore, each staff member must take pride in their daily work.  The challenges that remain before our team are to continue to deliver the highest quality education possible – only better – year after year.  Staff use a process known as Professional Learning Communities to do so, and it has been most successful for our district.  Scores continue to rise as staff becomes more accustomed to ensuring that all students receive access to a guaranteed and viable curriculum.  Our special education teachers are trained to co-teach alongside grade-level teachers, giving all students access to the same curriculum regardless of needs.       

Recognizing students at Mineral Point are not transient causes their success to be completely in the hands of our collaborative staff.  From kindergarten to graduation, all employees have to own each child’s progress at each grade level and in each content area because their future depends on us.  Mineral Point expects that all students can learn and be ready for a career or college.  Pointer staff members are ready for the challenge.  

We are #PointerNation.  Game On!