The recent presidential election was a historic event.  President-elect Donald Trump will be the oldest president when he takes office.  (Ronald Reagan was 69 when he took office.)  Trump will also be the first New Yorker as president in over 71 years.  And no other candidate spent so little as Trump did on his election with a reported $119 million.  (Al Gore spent $126 million in 2000).  Trump’s win is also historic in that no other candidate was ever elected without experience as governor or in congress.  

How successful will Donald Trump be as president?  There is no way for anyone to predict but I subscribe to a friend’s thinking that stated president-elect Trump will fall short of our greatest hopes and will not fulfill our greatest fears.  

As the country puts the national election for president to rest, another local election for school board begins.  Annually, two or three members are eligible for re-election with this year’s incumbents Glenn Kinch and Jeff Basting eligible for re-election.  Citizens of the Mineral Point Unified School District are eligible to declare candidacy for school board by submitting required paperwork (available in the District Office at 705 Ross Street) to Angie Schubert, assistant to the Superintendent, on or before January 3rd.     

To assist with understanding the roles and responsibilities of school board members, I am hosting an informational session on Wednesday, December 7th in the elementary school library beginning at 7 pm for persons interested in school board candidacy, election procedures, and receiving answers to questions.  If not available to attend the session on the 7th, I am also available to meet one-on-one.

The Mineral Point Unified School District recently received the highest rating possible from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction on its latest state report cards.  Many factors contribute to the top rating including dedicated school board members committed to ensuring that all Mineral Point students have every opportunity to reach their full potential.  A special thank you to school board members past and present for their service to Mineral Point Schools and a welcome to all persons interested in expressing their candidacy.