Students at Mineral Point Elementary are writing the next chapter of their eMPathy story.

In March, Noah’s “Differences, DisAbilities, Tolerance, and Bullying Tour” took place in every classroom with a very special visitor.

Born without eyes and deformed hind legs, Noah was rescued from a backyard breeder in California by Saving K9 Lives Plus. Using his wheelchair, he knows no limits and is here to prove that he is just as capable a dog as any other.

As a puppy, Noah was bullied by his siblings. His success story is one that inspired the students, sometimes emotionally as accounts of their own social struggles, or that of friends, were remembered.

There are several wonderful videos on Noah’s Facebook page showing his visit to Mineral Point, including Guidance Counselor Carla Rand explaining the difference between empathy and sympathy to the students:

Going on now through the end of April is a Penny War between classes. All money collected will be donated to Noah’s account to help purchase needed supplies for other disabled dogs.

Noah has been nominated by the American Humane Society as an Emerging Dog Hero in the United States because of the work he does.

Noah’s Legacy’s goal is to share his message that handicapped animals are worth saving and loving.

“Lots of hearts were touched, and tears literally flowed, during our visit,” said Noah’s owner, Lisa Edge.