The selection committee for the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation Scholarship, Fellowship, and Leadership Program announced March 21 the recipients of the 2016 Herb Kohl Foundation awards for students, teachers, and principals. The $3,000 awards are being made to 100 teachers, 16 principals and their schools, and 184 graduating high school students.

Mineral Point 2nd grade teacher, Susan Kelm, had her application forwarded from CESA #3 for state consideration, but unfortunately, was not a final winner.

Susan is a caring and compassionate teacher working interdependently with her second grade team to ensure high levels of learning for all students.  Advancing to the state level reflects the admiration her peers and colleagues have for the work she does to make Mineral Point Schools the best they can be,” commented Superintendent Luke Francois.

“I would describe Mrs. Kelm as knowledgeable, patient, understanding and most of all, she cares about each student in her classroom.  She is an asset to the staff and students of Mineral Point,” said Elementary Principal Brad Brogley.

CESA #3 winners at the state level include:

Excellence Scholars: Kennedy Lee, Fennimore; Saafia Masoom, Platteville; Jacquelyn Moseley, Darlington.

Initiative Scholars: Hunter Aide, Highland; Dylan Crook, Kickapoo; Brady Fernette, Seneca; Teagan Friedrick, Potosi; Linzie Wiegel, Benton.

Teacher Fellows: Randeana Osborne, Weston; Stacy Ottman, Riverdale; Jean Pierick, Highland.

For each CESA, a maximum of only five teacher and five student applications can be forwarded on for state consideration by the Department of Public Instruction.

Recipients are selected by a statewide committee composed of civic leaders and representatives of education-related associations and the program’s co-sponsors: The Wisconsin Newspaper Association Foundation, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools, and regional Cooperative Educational Service Agencies.

The Kohl Foundation Scholarship and Fellowship program was established by Herb Kohl, U.S. Senator (Retired) in 1990.

To date the foundation has awarded $10.2 million to Wisconsin educators, students, and schools. New this year is the addition of the Leadership Award to recognize outstanding Wisconsin school principals.

“Education is the key to the future of Wisconsin and our nation. I am very proud of the accomplishments of these students, teachers, and principals and look forward to the great contributions they will make in the future,” Kohl said.

Past Mineral Point recipients of the Herb Kohl awards at the state level include:

Student Excellence: Marsha Bingham, 1991; Christopher Marr, 2004.

Student Initiative: Sarah Janke, 2002; Cory Sokol, 2005; Sierra Gunderson, 2011.

Teacher Fellowship: Bonnie Laverty, 1997.