From the Counselor’s Corner…

What Does a School Counselor Do?

  • Collaborate with parents, teachers, administration and other support staff to enhance and support your child’s educational experience.
  • Teach weekly “Life Skills” classes that assist student learning of life skills like managing emotions, solving conflicts, establishing a growth mindset, making and keeping friends, making healthy choices , and other skills essential in becoming  responsible citizens.
  • Assist students individually, or within a small group setting, as they; explore their feelings, address their problems and concerns, and develop both problem solving and coping skills.
  • Develop and support school wide initiatives that enhance a positive school climate in which every student feels a sense of belonging and support.
  • Accept  referrals from parents, students, teachers, and other school personnel

What Doesn’t a School Counselor Do?

  • Divulge what teachers, parents and students tell me without their permission UNLESS:
  • Someone is being hurt.
  • Someone is in danger of being hurt.
  • The physical/mental/emotional health of the child is at extreme risk
  • Do ongoing therapy for deep seated emotional problems/adjustments.
  • At that time I would offer a list of outside resources for families to access.
  • Pass judgment on individual or families.
  • Contact parents to let them know I spoke to their child unless I will be working with your child on an ongoing basis.

How Do I Contact the School Counselor?

  • Phone: 608-987-0710  Ext.115 or E-mail:
  • A message sent through the main office or your child’s teacher.