Mineral Point Middle and High School students attended District Solo/Ensemble competitions recently.

If an event earned a Starred First in Class A, it advances to the state competition at UW-Platteville Saturday, April 25.

The students are under the instruction of Matt Nevers and Kevin Cooley.  


Starred First (state qualifiers)

Woodwind Choir: Hannah Owens, Grant Rose, Tori Palzkill, Alayna McCarville, Sierra Evans, Sarah Knapp, Fulton Flanary, Tucker Cabezas, Caleb Mitchell, Addy Chambers, Tess Oberhauser, Irelyn King, Kaylee Sparks, Logan Bidlingmaier, Bryce Fitzsimons, Kyla Sprain, Ariana Haase, Danielle Blum, Justice Hendrick, Abi Callaway, Jordyn Abbott, Mariah Sprain, Brianna Wedig.

Percussion Ensemble: Blake Chambers, Richie Haase, David Kelm, Matt Neal, Elizabeth Moellers, Jacob Moellers, Sydney Owens.

Kaylee Sparks, tenor sax solo; Bryce Fitzsimons, baritone saxophone solo; Alexa Sparks, French horn solo.


Kyla Sprain and Ariana Haase, clarinet duet; Alexa Sparks and Winndie Darrow, French horn duet; Caleb Mitchell and Kaylee Sparks, woodwind duet; David Kelm, tenor solo; Haakon Schriefer, trombone solo.


Caleb Mitchell, bassoon; Tess Oberhauser, alto sax solo; Winndie Darrow, French horn solo; Nettie Potter, piano solo; Evelynn Hendrick, soprano solo; Jane Dickler and Winndie Darrow, soprano/alto duet; Allison Moseley, soprano solo; Katelynn Gordon, alto solo; Madison Bowers, soprano solo.


Jane Dickler, musical theatre.



Clarinet Ensemble: Kyla Sprain, Ariana Haase, Danielle Blum, Justice Hendrick, Abi Callaway, Jordyn Abbott, Maria Sprain, Brianna Wedig, Caleb Mitchell, Kaylee Sparks.

Michaela Acherman, flute solo; Owen Stephenson, French horn solo; Jenna Wedig, trumpet solo; Brady Palzkill, trombone solo; Nettie Potter, soprano solo.


Danielle Blum, clarinet solo; Justice Hendrick, clarinet solo; Evelynn Hendrick, trombone solo; Elizabeth Moellers and Jacob Moellers, snare drum duet; Karen Wilbanks, clarinet solo; Michaela Acherman, alto solo.



Ethan Dickler, euphonium solo; Cody Pierce, trombone solo; Bodhi Logueflower, timpani solo.


Sara Heisner, alto solo.