Students at Mineral Point Elementary are jumping at the chance to fight heart disease and stroke, our nation’s No. 1 and No. 3 killers. The school will host its annual Jump Rope for Heart event to raise money for the American Heart Association, which funds lifesaving heart and stroke research and community and educational programs for our youth. The fundraising was kicked off with an all-school assembly Friday morning.

“Jump Rope for Heart is a fun event that helps us learn about heart health, the importance of exercising and, at the same time, raises money for the American Heart Association,” said phy ed teacher Bethany Riechers. “The AHA teaches children and adults to take care of their hearts. They also fund research to find out what causes heart disease and stroke and what we can do to prevent it. Two years ago, Mineral Point Elementary raised over $1,000. Last year, the students raised just over $4,000. This year’s goal is $5,000.”

During class time February 23-27, MPES will have the chance to raise money to help fight heart disease and stroke while jumping rope.

Jump Rope for Heart teaches students how physical fitness benefits the heart and shows them that volunteering can be a fun and positive experience for the whole community. The need to educate children about the importance of physical activity couldn’t be timelier. According to recent studies, about one-third of children ages 2 to 19 are overweight and obese.

For over 30 years, Jump Rope for Heart has raised more than $810 million for the fight against heart disease and stroke. Millions of students have jumped rope or shot hoops and learned about heart health and how nutrition and physical activity can help prevent heart disease and stroke. 

(Photo and article by Joelle Doye)