Congratulations to Paige Grimm, fourth grade teacher, for being this month’s Grand Apple Winner at Mineral Point Elementary School. 

“Paige has a positive attitude and really takes the time to appreciate the things that make each kid and staff member unique!,” said Morgan Burris.  “She comes to school with a smile each day and has a calm demeanor.  She is always available to listen or give advice when students and staff need it.”

“I was fortunate to have Paige as my 4th grade teacher.  Although I may not remember what I learned academically that year, I will never forget how Paige made me feel every day at school.  She made me feel special, cared for, and loved.  She believes in every student and goes above and beyond to help each individual child.  Paige is the reason I decided to go into teaching.  It is my hope that I can make my students feel as loved for and special as Paige made me feel every day I came to school.  I was not only fortunate to have Paige as my 4th grade teacher but now I get to teach at the same school as her.  I still look up to her!”

(Article and photo by Joelle Doye)