As Election Day approaches, there are a number of vitally important issues facing Wisconsin that have potential long-term consequences for our state.  I encourage all voters to think about the future of public schools in their communities.

Wisconsin has a strong tradition of first class public schools.  We all know that high quality public schools help prepare our children for life, boost home values, and improve our state’s long-term economic growth and quality of life.  We need to continue investing in the strength of our communities.

 Today, many candidates for state office are already on the record supporting the expansion of taxpayer subsidies for private school tuition in the form of vouchers.  I believe there are three key questions about public education that citizens should ask of candidates before entering the voting booth on November 4th:

  • In the past several years, Wisconsin school funding has not kept pace with the rising costs of providing quality educational opportunities for children.  Would you support increasing school revenue limits annually by the cost of living?
  • Do you support private school voucher expansion in Wisconsin?
  • If so, how do you propose to pay for the growing taxpayer subsidies for private education?  By raising taxes?  By reducing educational opportunities for public school children throughout Wisconsin?

I believe that public education is, has been, and always will be the most important institution in the development of this great state and this great nation.  What’s more, I believe that our support for our public schools helps define us as a people.  Why?  Not only do we believe we have the responsibility to provide our own children with a quality education; but, more importantly, we believe we have the same responsibility for our neighbor’s children.

What do you believe?