Our Philosophy

All students have the right to a safe and pleasant trip to and from school. We believe all students can behave appropriately and safely while riding on a school bus. We cannot tolerate any student interfering with drivers doing their jobs, and we continuously work toward protecting all passengers right to a safe ride.

Where are the bus stops?

Each student will be assigned to a bus stop in the vicinity of the student’s legal residence. The student will only be transported to and from the bus stop to which the student is assigned unless a student brings written permission from a parent/legal guardian and takes it to the school office to obtain a bus permission slip. That slip must be presented to the bus driver upon boarding the bus.

For the safety of all students, parents should not drop off or pick up children in the designated bus loading zones.


Caution: Precious Cargo on Board. Each and every fall, thousands of yellow school buses come out of hibernation to shuttle Wisconsin’s children to and from school. Since we all share the road with these gentle giants, we must all be extremely careful around them. After all, they carry very precious cargo.

Watch for the kids where the school bus is. Each year, a great number of crashes involving school buses are caused by the driver of other motor vehicles. Police cite driving too fast for conditions as the main reason vehicles collide with buses. Failure to yield and inattentive driving are the other major causes. So wherever and whenever you see a school bus, please use caution. You’re not only protecting the kids on the bus, you’re protecting yourself.

A stopped school bus with flashing red lights means … you must stop at least 20 feet in front of or 20 feet behind the bus. You may not pass the bus. In addition to the red lights, you will see the stop sign extended from the bus which means children are in the process of boarding or exiting. It is critical that you stop in these situations because children sometimes are required to cross the road in front of the bus.


Rules for Arriving and Waiting at the Bus Stop:

  • Be on time 5 minutes before scheduled bus stop.
  • Dress for the weather. Wear clothing that is safe, visible and warm.
  • Carry your belongings in a bookbag or backpack.
  • Stay on sidewalk whenever possible.
  • Show care for the property of others.
  • Don’t bring pets, small children or large objects to the bus stop.
  • Don’t talk to or go with strangers.
  • Stand BACK from the road at your bus stop. Stand in a safe place and do not climb on snow banks.
  • Do not play at the bus stop or at the school loading zone.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If your child/children will not be riding the bus on a particular day or there is any change in their schedule, please call First Student at 987-3911 and let them know. It is very important that the drivers know of any changes to the regular routine.

It is First Student’s policy that children in the 3 and 4 year old program and kindergarten must have an adult present before they will be dropped off. Please plan to meet your child at the bus stop or make other arrangements with First Student.

Rules On The Bus

  • Be on time.
  • Obey the bus driver
  • Stay out of the “Danger Zone.”
  • Respect property.
  • Remain seated and quiet.
  • Keep arms and head inside the bus.


No spikes of any kind worn on school buses.

Field Trips / Extracurricular / Sports

All events must be accompanied with the adequate number of chaperones and teachers designated per student ratio. Teachers and chaperones must ride with the students on designated bus.