Biology: This course is designed to acquaint the student with the fundamental concepts of biology. Once these concepts are mastered, a study of the five major kingdoms and how they interrelate follows. One year of high school science is a prerequisite.

Biology 2 – Anatomy and Physiology: This course will completely study the systems of the human body, including the organs, tissues, and cells that make them up. We will also study the function of the carious parts, and how they accomplish their specific functions. Students will dissect a fetal pig in conjunction with the systems being studied. We will also take time to explore other advanced biological topics like forensic science, human genetics, and biological research. The course is designed to help prepare students going on to school in the sciences, and especially those interested in the medical fields (nursing, health care, veterinary science … etc. Biology is a prerequisite, and Chemistry either pre-or concurrently.

Ecology: Ecology is the study of the relationship of an organism to their environment. The first part deals with the study of land and water environments and types of organisms found in each. The second with the human relationships to the environment. Biology is required.