Our classroom management method focuses on helping children redirect themselves in a positive way by making appropriate choices. Children are given chances to modify poor choices, such as interrupting a friend or hurting someone else’s feelings. If the child does not change his/her inappropriate behavior they are moved to the next level of our “Stoplight Behavior Chart.” The stoplight is used as a visual reminder of what choices children are making.

The Stoplight Behavior Program is used in the following way:
We have a stoplight hanging in each classroom. Each child will have a clothespin with his/her name on it. Everyone starts each day with his or her clothespin on the green light. After three reminders to change inappropriate behavior, the child will then move his/her clip to the yellow light. This is a reminder to “slow down” and make better choices. If the behavior continues, they will be asked to move to the red light. If a child’s clothespin is on the red light, s/he will need to resolve the inappropriate behavior, for example apologizing to a friend for hurting feelings. Children who are on red will also lose a daily privilege, for instance five minutes of playtime. There will be opportunities for children to move their clothespins back to green if they demonstrate exceptionally good behavior. Children will color in a daily stoplight in their folders so parents are aware of how their child’s day went.