Welcome to Mineral Point Middle School! We believe that “our mission is to offer a high quality education that empowers all students with the knowledge and skills to become responsible citizens.” In the middle school we are developing students for the next level one step at a time.

The middle/high school building was built in 1996 and is home to some of the best opportunities for middle schoolers. Academic challenges, both inside and outside the classroom, are provided to all our students. We also provide extra-curricular activities and leadership possibilities through sports, student council, and academic competitions.

Our students have outstanding teachers and support staff helping to guide the way through this exciting and challenging period in their life. The Mineral Point staff provides help and guidance when it is needed and advanced curriculum opportunities in math, science or foreign language for those students that need to be challenged.

We recognize that middle school is a time when major physical, mental, and emotional changes are taking place with our students. Mineral Point provides consistency, opportunities, and challenges to help the students discover what lies ahead. Mineral Point Middle School, it is a great place to be.

Vickie Dahl
Mineral Point Middle School Principal