On Monday during the Mineral Point Board of Education meeting, it was announced that a district safety committee will form. This is in response to questions and suggestions regarding the level of security in our school district.

We are looking for community members to volunteer their time, effort and expertise to join this committee. The committee would be open to a maximum of fifteen people.  If more than fifteen volunteer, we will select members to ensure a broad cross representation of stakeholders.

The purpose for this committee is as follows:

  • Assess current level of safety and security of district buildings and grounds
  • Explore areas of improvement regarding policies, procedures and facilities
  • Make recommendations to our board of education for their consideration

This committee will start sometime in February, with a goal of making recommendations to the board by May. If you are interesting in serving on this team or have questions about this project, contact Matt Renwick at the elementary building (608-987-0710) or Dr. Luke Francois at the district office (608-987-0740).