Today (10/4/16), students will receive a packet from their classroom teachers. This is regarding a school fundraiser through School Mall ( The purpose for raising funds for school is to provide more resources for students and classrooms, specifically resources that go above and beyond what we budget for on an annual basis. We elected to use School Mall as a fundraising tool as it a) does not require students to go door-to-door to sell, and b) does not ask families and friends to make additional purchases beyond what they might already purchase online. See the previous link to School Mall for more information on how this works.

This fundraiser is voluntary. There will be small prizes given out tomorrow for every student who brings back a completed packet. The packets should go to the office directly, not the classroom teacher. We appreciate your support in this activity if you choose to participate. Later in the school year, the PEP (Pointer Education Partnership) group will be facilitating the Scrip program. It works in a similar way to School Mall, except proceeds for school come from local purchases instead of online. Related, the PEP group will be having an informal meeting to discuss a number of family-school related items this Friday, October 7 at 2:15 P.M. in the LMC. All family members are welcome to join us for this brief conversation.


Mr. Renwick