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Latest Posts | Middle School Language Arts

Delta Kappa Gamma Literary Contest Underway

Mineral Point School District is proud to share that we have authors and illustrators who have been very busy completing entries for the annual Delta Kappa Gamma literary competition. Students in grades 3-12 are eligible to enter the book writing contest. All books are being submitted to the local Delta Kappa Gamma chapter for preliminary … Read More

Kohl Award Applications Advance to State Level

The Mineral Point Unified School District is proud to announce Middle/High School Instructional Media Specialist and Middle School Reading Teacher Kris McCoy’s, along with Class of 2018 Senior Haakon Schriefer’s, Herb Kohl Fellowship and Scholarship applications have advanced out of CESA #3 and have been forwarded to the state level for consideration. McCoy and Schriefer … Read More

Oberhauser Wins Middle School Spelling Bee

Mineral Point Middle School held its annual spelling bee this week with the following results: Champion Chloe Oberhauser, Runner-Up Dominik McVay, and Alternate Allison Chitwood. Chloe and Dominik will compete at the next level February 6 at Darlington. Congrats to all!

Delta Kappa Gamma winners

Another strength of Mineral Point students is a consistently strong showing in the Delta Kappa Gamma Literary Competition and this year was no exception. At the middle school level, 7th grader Rita Wilson won first place in Illustrations for her entry “Shine” while 6th grader Bryce Acherman also won first place in Illustrations for his … Read More

Middle school top spellers

Have you ever watched the nationally televised spelling bee on ESPN? Well, the Mineral Point Middle School participated in that very same Scripps National Spelling Bee! Classroom bees were held in each language arts class at each grade level for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. The top two winners from each class then went … Read More

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